2FA when logging in to MainWP?

I am using InfiniteWP at the moment. There you have to log in on a sub page of one website with a specific log in form and password. I think, it is similar with MainWP (?).
If so, is there an option to have a 2FA login to the MainWP surface? I miss this option in InfiniteWP, it is on the wishlist for a long time but nothing moves…
Having 2FA on each page is nice but when logging in to a service that deals with all websites is unsafer than the log in to single ones is a bit ridiculous. So I am searching for this option in other management services… I read much on the MainWP page but did not find a hint to that.
Thanks for insights!

Hi @1962up

In order to protect MainWP with 2FA, you simply have to set up any 2FA plugin to the WordPress install, such as WP 2FA – Two-factor authentication for WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org.

That way, your entire WP installation will be protected by 2FA, including MainWP, and MainWP will continue to function as normal.

For added security, please take a look at our free extension, Dashboard Lock.

With it, you can protect the WP login page and Admin area with additional credentials and even set up frontend forwarding to make your MainWP Dashboard virtually invisible to others.

Thank you very much, this sounds good! Using InfiniteWP I also had 2FA on my website where IWP was installed but the login window of IWP does not use this 2FA and it was sufficient to login with 1FA, so to say…
So I am convinced and will check MainWP now… :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the quick reply and clarity.
Best wishes

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