4.3b2 Update Core Popup Bug?

Used MainWP 4.3b2 to do a core update. The update finished and went fine but, the update screen (popup) spinner kept spinning and never showed completed.

Hi @webjive,

Based on your report from the thread where you reported a problem with importing sites, we saw that you are running MainWP on PHP 8.1 while this version is not yet supported.

Since we can’t duplicate the problem on our dev setups on PHP 7.4 to 8.0, I strongly believe that the issue is PHP 8.1 related.

Please try to roll back your PHP version to 8.0 and retest.

Let us know how it goes.

I did related to another issue where site imports isn’t working. Still having issues.

I have also disable some core mod_security rules which helped a bit on plugins but core updates are still random on if they success. Divi is the same way.

Upon further investigation, we found that this problem is not related to version 4.3 and is not a general bug.

For now, I will close this thread, and we will continue with the helpdesk ticket you have open with us.

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