403 - forbidden Status code instead of 200

One of my websites, in fact the main domain where I use MainWP on a subdomain, is showing a 403 - forbidden code. Meanwhile, when visiting the website or admin everything seems fine. I used a status checker and also said that the website was on 200 status.

Any idea ?

403 always means that some security rule is blocking requests/checks.
Can you please contact your host support and have them check if there are some blocked requests in the server firewall logs?

For now I updated the Whitelist in Cerber Security as stated @ Known Plugin Conflicts. Everything is now green but the 403 is still displayed. There is too little chance that it’s a server side issue sine my other sites are on the same server without that issue. This site is the only one with Cerber installed.

My actual question is then to know if there is some delay to update the status code in MainWP, since any new data sync doesn’t change anything, even with Cerber deactivated.


I have seen it too often where server-side security rules get triggered per site basis and not just on server level. I would recommend looking deeper into this.

In the meantime, please check the MainWP > Sites > Monitoring page and try to trigger a new check to see what response you will get.

Thanks for the updates.

This time everything looks fine. :sunny:
I had probably to wait some time after I updated the Cerber Security whitelist, or use the “Monitoring” page as you said. Just sad that it seem not included in the manual data sync.

Thanks for the update. I am glad that everything is ok now.
Yes, it is correct, HTTP status check is not included in the Sync process.

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