A chance for an extension for the new Siteground All in one Security plugin?

Siteground has just announced free use of the All In One WP Security & Firewall for all SG users. Is there a chance for a Mainwp extension-support for this?

Siteground is writing:

NEW: All-in-one SiteGround Security Plugin for WordPress Sites
As your hosting provider we dedicate a lot of care and resources to maintaining a safe and secure environment for your websites.

On application level, however, there are some essential actions that each webmaster should take on their own to help prevent malicious login attempts, brute force attacks, malware injections & other threats. To make that process seamless for both clients and non-clients, we created the all-in-one, free SiteGround Security plugin that gives you an easy way to control the most important security settings for WordPress.

For new sites created on our platform, the SiteGround Security plugin comes pre-installed as of last week. You can read more about its default settings and how to modify them in the blog post below. For sites created on our platform before last week or websites that are not hosted with SiteGround, you can download the plugin for free from the WordPress repo.