A little bit of frivolity

Leaving reviews for products you enjoy and appreciate is incredibly helpful. I was writing a review on WP.org today and decided to take a look at some of the reviews I have left in the past.

Can you believe that it was 5 years and 5 months ago that I left a review for MainWP? Absolutely blew my mind that I have been using it for that long. I’ve seen it go from strength to strength and I just wanted to take a moment and just remind everyone to take a moment and really thank the plugins, tools, companies etc, that let us do the work, and play, that we do!

Also, a small thank you again for everything this community offers, and the devs of course, but while I may be more a lurker at times, I love seeing the new news, the community growing, and the help you all work to offer each other! Consider this also a bit of my review for you. :wink:


Hi @LoveSudo

As a MainWP team member and a part of the community, I thank you for your reviews, and I hope you continue to enjoy and review our products for at least five years more :slight_smile:

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