Access Denied when accessing child with sucuri firewall

We can’t access the wp-admin of our child sites which are protected via sucuri firewall.
We receive all the time an Error message (please have a look to the image below):

The Sucuri Support told us, to ask for a static IP instead of the ~daily changing IP’s which are used in the url for connecting to the wp-admin of the child site.

Can you please advice us, how logging into a child site which is protected with Sucuri firewall?


If this is the IP of your MainWP dashboard, then it should be a fixed IP address already, unless you are using a local install, but then MainWP can’t fix that. A fixed IP can be whitelisted within Sucuri.
If it’s your own IP of your internet connection, then it’s unrelated to MainWP entirely.

So I’m missing information that makes this a MainWP issue.

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As @josklever pointed out, this seems more of a networking/server issue than a MainWP issue.

MainWP simply uses the server’s IP, and the IP of a server where the MainWP Dashboard is installed really shouldn’t be changing.

Is the Dashboard web-hosted or locally hosted?

If it’s locally hosted and you have a dynamic IP address that changes frequently, you will have to disable the Sucuri firewall and/or replace it with another solution.

Thanks for answers,
Our company IP adresses for internet access were dynamic and changing frequently.
This was the reason of this Sucuri blocking.


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