Activity log issue

I have an issue with Activity log. On all websites the extension works fine. But 1 website can’t stay connected with the extension.

If I go to Extensions > Activity Log > Extension Settings > Refresh List of Child sites: then the child site appears in the list (sometimes the website is not detected and I have to repeat this step multiple time until it is detected).

Next I click: Add to Activity Log and then the website is successfully added. Then I click Save Settings.

Now the issue appears when the page is refreshed then the child site is removed from the list again and I have to repeat all steps again. But in the end the website is always removed again from the list. How to proceed?

Hi Alain,

I would like to help you, but I am not sure how.
Since the Activity Logs for MainWP extension is not developed by the MainWP team, we are not sure how we could debug it.
It might be best to reach out to the extension author and check with them

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