Ad more Report Data in Pro Reports?


Is it possible to ad more Report Data to the Pro Reports? Like for example Wordfence scans?

Now I only see these reports in the Pro Report extension: WordPress updates, plugin updates, Theme updates, Uptime, Backups and Analytics.

So is it even possible to ad more reports, or is that only possible with the Client Reports extension?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Alwin,

It is possible to add more data in report.

here you can find how to create custom templates:

Here you can find all available tokens:

Hm, I don’t get it, sorry :slight_smile:
For example: the only thing I would like to ad to the default pro templates is information about my Wordfence scans.

So how exactly can I ad Wordfence scans tokens to a Pro Report?

Do I have to edit the file “pro-report-modern.php” myself in a code editor like Notepad? Rename the file, and upload to the same directory?

If yes, why so difficult?

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Hi Alwin,

Yes, in order to include any of the tokens that are not part of the default templates, you need to make a custom template.

The best start point is to simply make a copy of one of the default templates and make changes.

In the help document that I sent, everything is explained.

You simply set new section/tokens and save the template with a custom file name in the directory that is marked in the document. So, it’s not the directory where the default templates are but …/ wp-content/uploads/mainwp/report-templates/

If you need help with this, I will be happy to help.

Please let me know in what format you want to display data and I can provide further instructions.