Ad Wordfence data to Pro report?

I am setting up a Custom Pro report for my clients. For security the Sucuri plugin data is embedded in the Pro report by default. But I am using Wordfence on my client sites and would love to show a Wordfence data in the pro report instead of Sucuri.

Is that possible, and if yes, which code do I need to add or edit in my custom Pro template?

@Alwin These are the available tokens for MainWP Pro Report. Both sets will work on Pro Reports.

You can simply paste this snippet right after the [Security Section]

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Thank you Keith, it is working now :slight_smile:

I see that all scans are displayed in the report and this is a very long list, I think to long to be interesting for my clients. The issue here is that all quick scans and full scans seems to be displayed in the report. It would be nice if only the full scans are in the report to make the list shorter (that would be around 10 full scans a month).

Is there any way to only show the full scans in the reports, or another way to make the list shorter?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Alwin,

At the moment, there is no way to filter scans. All are being recorded and included in reports.

Hello Bogdan,

Thanks. Would be nice to be able to filters scans in the future, also would be nice to include data like blocked attacks by firewall.


@Alwin feel free to submit your feature request in the correct channels so they may be voted on.

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