Adanced Uptime Monitor - Custom Email-Template & E-Mail Adress

Dear community,

I use the advanced uptime monitor extension to monitor all my clients pages. When the page goes down i get an email as expected to the selected email inside the advanced uptime monitor.

For my customer i need a solution which contains these 2 features:

  • I need to send a custom email with my companys logo. This is just possible with the “Basic Uptime Monitor” Mail as i see it. Is this correct?
  • Right now i can just select one email addrss in the advanced uptime monitor to send the reports. Where can i add more adresses (customers email) to send the message when the page is down.

Thank you so much for your help and have a nice day!

You can do this on and set different emails for each site

Ok, i go this :slight_smile: I had to confirm my second email address. Do you have any idea if i can send the email from uptime robot out of my mainwp account so i can define my own template & message?

Hi Frenz, at the moment, Uptime Robot doesn’t allow email template customization, so this is not possible.

If you want customized emails, you can look into using MainWP Basic Uptime Monitoring.

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Thank you so much for clarify this :slight_smile:

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I would look at custom status pages if you want to share uptime status on the fly, but with UTR and false positives I would really think hard if your client needs to get these notifications. I assume they are paying you to handle the site and you are the one that will act on any issues.

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