Add Contact Information for a Client with Multiple Sites

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My question is, if i could automatically or copy contact information when adding a new site such as email, address, name, etc. Currently, i fill contact information manually for each new site. Maybe there is a way inside MainWP which i have might not be aware of, if anyone could guide. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

At the moment, there is no way to automatically add client info. It’s required to do it manually.

@sagalian I know this may sound strange but you could use a Browser plugin such as LastPass to save that specific form data.

I know it’s not a “MainWP Solution” but if it’s only for a few sites it may get the job done.

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Thanks Keith! I had this issue and LastPass helped me. You know but I faced another problem. Look, I have a websites where there are several tools like grammar checker, essay maker etc. and when I am registering sometimes emails are changed, I mean that I can’t understand what I do incorrectly that it switches emails but not every time.


Awesome I am glad my solution helped you out :slight_smile:

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