Add option to hide some of the top right buttons from the dashboard

Currently on the dashboard there are some buttons on the top right menu, like the sync, add new site, go to this forum, go to mainwp account, etc. As there are quite a lot of buttons everywhere, I was thinking to remove some of them, but even if I try to do it in CSS it’s not always working correctly because they don’t have dedicated labels/IDs and on some pages they change so cannot do something globally (see my previous request for the id’s of the “ignore” update buttons that really useful). So my question is, can you either add dedicated labels/IDs to each button in the top menu so that we can hide them through CSS or to provide a way to hide the “go to MainWP community” and "go to MainWP account on the site…

Thank you.

Hey @dcgavril

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add the IDs to the buttons so they can be targeted with CSS.

If we may politely ask, please make future suggestions on our Feedback site.
It’s easier for us to track them that way, and it gives others the opportunity to vote for them giving us an insight into what our community wants the most.

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