Added custom branding to a child site's login page - looking for the best way to apply it to a number of sites, but not all

So I’ve added branding to one child site’s login page, by editing that site in MainWP, going to Branding > WordPress Options, and adding a logo and some CSS.

I know I can also do this globally, to add the same branding to all sites that are managed through MainWP, and then if there are some sites where I don’t want the branding to appear, they can be disabled, but if I want to apply branding to maybe around half of 115 sites (some already have customized login pages that I’d rather not mess with) then this method seems tedious, and some stuff may be broken while I’m working on it. Is there a way to apply the branding (just the “WordPress Options” stuff, ideally) to “only selected sites”? I would love to be able to just check off all the sites that need branding, and not have to worry about the rest. Not sure if this is possible though, any advice on this would be appreciated.

You would be able to do this with the MainWP Code Snippets Extension and execute it on only the sites that you want.

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Ah yes, that does have the feature I’m looking for, and then I can re-use some of the code that I’ve added to the theme or a plugin previously. Great, I’ll call that solved, thanks!


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