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I have followed the instructions Google Analytics Extension - MainWP Documentation to connect all of our sites to GA4 and have successfully linked them in the MainWP dashboard at MainWP > Sites > Manage Sites>Edit. Today, we launched a new site and I added the required email address to the property, but when I go to add it to MainWP Google Analytics, it does not appear in the dropdown with all of the other sites. How do I get newly added sites to show up in the dropdown? With UA, they would automatically pull in. I have hundreds of sites that have been manually connected and am hoping there is a simple solution for this. Please help. Thanks.

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Make sure that you’ve added the Service Account email as a Viewer to the Property and not the Account in Google Analytics Dashboard.

After that, you will have to assign the property to a Child Site as explained in “Assigning sites from your Google Account to Child Sites in your MainWP Dashboard” chapter of our KB article: Google Analytics Extension - MainWP Documentation

And finally, please review the steps in the documentation with care because one misstep can cause the GA property to not appear in the MainWP Dashboard.

Hi Bojan,

Thank you for helping with this. I have added the correct service account email to the property at the property level. However, when I go to add the site from the dropdown as explained in “Assigning sites from your Google Account to Child Sites in your MainWP Dashboard”, the site is not listed. I did this process for many sites at the initial setup and they are working fine. This is the first time that I have tried to add an additional site after the initial setup, but the site does not pull in. It appears I would need to remove the JSON file from the MainWP Dashboard > Extensions > Google Analytics > Manage Accounts and then add it back, but I expect that would also require that I manually connect hundreds of sites again. Is there a better option? I am adding sites to this weekly. Thanks.

It should not be necessary to remove and re-import the JSON key file.

In the extension settings, please try Refresh Data, and then re-saving the settings. After that, check if the sites show up in the Child Site Edit screen.

And can you please check if you are running the latest version of the Google Analytics extension (4.1.3) and MainWP Dashboard (

Yes!!! You got it! After manually refreshing the data in the extension settings, the site appeared in the drop down and I was able to connect. I had tried resyncing all of the child sites with the dashboard, but had not thought to do this. You rock Bojan! Thank you!

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