Adding New Sites

Have just recently updated and now looking to add a new site today and adding a site only contains the test connection and check connection plus check that plugin installed for mainwp.

Has something recently changed in the latest update as we run another mainwp site that has not been updated and the other extensions and options are available?

Or maybe do we need to do the standard reboot to get it activated again?

Click the verification toggle and the rest of the fields should unfurl.

The Update Post MainWP Dashboard 4.1.9 Update - MainWP WordPress Management

Thank you for the reply, however there is no unfurl?

I ran into the same issue and checked with different browsers and OS:

Windows 10
Firefox: :white_check_mark:
Edge: :white_check_mark:
Chrome (at least 93.0.4577.82, 94.0.4606.6): :no_entry: (settings do not show up)

macOS Big Sur (11.4)
Safari: :white_check_mark:
Firefox: :white_check_mark:
Chrome: :white_check_mark:

So the problem is browser specific and we can work around that by switching to another browser for that task.

Hi @mlx,

I just tried to duplicate the problem on my test setup, but I couldn’t.

I used the same Chrome version on the same OS but the form shows for me fine:

Once I click the switch, the rest of the form shows:

Do you have some Chrome extensions active in your browser? I have seen it before where certain extensions can cause JS issues.

Same issue here.
Doesn’t work in Chrome, does work in FireFox

Hi Bogdan,

I don’t run any extensions, but that pointed me to the classic solution: Delete local storage for that site.

And indeed, after clearing the browser cache for that site it’s working.

Thank you very much for looking into that so fast.


Hi @Xtofke
Can you please try what @mlx tried and see if that helps?

Hi @mlx, thanks for verifying that!

Thank you @mlx we have tried what you suggested and was easy to add the site rather than through, we updated the chrome browser to latest and still not working. Although a work around, updating and managing is OK with Chrome but adding sites need to use Edge. Not a big issue

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