Adding plugins to groups

I’ve just uploaded some plugin .zips to my favourites via Extensions > Favourites.
Then I created a new group in the same place. How can I now add these plugins to the newly created group? There’s no such option.

May I say, your UX is a nightmare.

@nadworks Oh that’s so kind of you to say :slight_smile: Thanks for the constructive compliments it really helps us improve.

Feel free to open a Request ticket & or a more in depth discussion on the UX Category if you have suggestions on how it may be improved.

Adding uploaded plugins to Favorites Groups:
Try Clicking the group so it’s highlighted > check the plugin you want to add > Click save Selection.

Many thanks. But holy lard, how would anyone ever think that THAT’s the way to add plugins to a group? :rofl:
How about changing the button to “add to selected group”? Don’t you think that would be an idea???

@nadworks I just figured it out… Like I said - thanks for the suggestions we will take it up on advisement.