Adding report notes?


Wondering if anyone has setup a custom report that allows for client notes to be displayed.
I’d like to add comments about the client site (eg plugins needing licenses renewed).

I’ve added a custom token to the site and it shows up correctly in the site editing panel.
But it’s a plain text field. Ideally I would like a rich text field (with a wysiwg editor) and have it reset after the report has been sent.

Is this possible, even just the rich text field editing?


Hi Dave, please check here: [Extension Request] Custom notes for individual clients in reports

There we have described how you can use the custom tokens system to make notes for child sites.

Thanks Bogdan,
I had already reached that stage, it was a way to simplify the editing of the content I was after.

Thanks for the update.

At the moment, that is the only way to handle notes.

If you want you can post a feature suggestion to the Features section.

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