Additional cache clearing option

“Let us know if you have suggestions for additional caching systems to be included”

The 900 lb gorilla is missing from this list - Cloudflare. I keep having to log in there to manually clear the cache when I update a site/pages.

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@bcarney No it is not - Check the screen shot! :slight_smile: It’s using the Native CF API therefore there is not a plugin on the list. However I understand the initial confusion and will have that added to the description.


Not sure if I should create a new post or use this one, so here goes. Please add:

  • WP Super Cache
  • Redis Object Cache - the redis-cache plugin
  • BunnyCDN Cache - bunnycdn plugin
  • Varnish/Nginx Cache - varnish-http-purge plugin
  • This one is a stretch, but perfmatters’ “Clear Used CSS” inclusion would make me an overall happy camper.

It would be ideal if one could trigger the cache purge via WP CLI.


Instead of continually adding cache plugin compatibility, why not support the most common “out of the box”, but have a filter so people can hook in their own particular custom needs?

@nathan Thanks for chiming in with your suggestions.

If you have a Cache Plugin that you would like to add to MainWP that is not already supported from the Cache Control feature, this is what MainWP Code Snippets Extension is for. You may add whatever available 3rd-party plugin “HOOKS” as you wish there like so:

I would love to see FlyingPress support added to this list too please.

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