Admin plugin access

When the Mainwp child plugin is activated, my other team admins CANNOT access the “plugin list”.

Everytime they click on “installed plugins”, it redirects them back to the main wp dashboard.

Is there a setting in MainWP that is restricting plugin access when inside wordpress dashboard?

Hi @spotlead

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By default, the MainWP Child plugin will not disallow access to the Plugin page.

Can you check if you are using the White Label extension on your MainWP Dashboard and see if “Disable theme/plugin changes” option is enabled?

I did check that and I don’t think that’s the issue. Here’s a one minute video on my settings:

Let me know if you would like temporary admin links sent so you can troubleshoot.

Sure, you can send me a temporary WP login through a private message.

Just click on my profile picture, and then Message.

Ok. Sent to your message box.

Just to provide an update on this issue - it was caused by a White Label option that was hiding the Plugins page on the child site.

However, those settings had to be removed from the database using our tool because the Dashboard and the extension weren’t communicating properly with the child site. After that, the issue was resolved.

The Plugins page is now accessible on the child site, and the Dashboard is communicating with it without an issue.

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