Administrator username was not found

Same as the issue mentioned here: That administrator username was not found

The username I am adding is the only administrator user which is my own account, however, it constantly coming up with the error message: “That administrator username was not found on this child site. Please verify that it is an existing administrator.”

I’ve added nearly a dozen other websites with this one being an exception.

What could be the cause or possible solution to this problem?

Thank you

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Make sure you use the correct uppercase/lowercase notation of the username. Mixing them up can cause this issue, because the check is (or was?) case sensitive.


Hey @mapsmarketing

If you would still be facing this issue after checking the username case as @josklever suggested, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

Hi @josklever

This was your first reply on the other question as well which isn’t the answer in this case either as it’s the only administrator and the username is perfect.

I will open a help desk ticket as suggested by @bojan

Thank you

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