Advanced Uptime Monitor (AUM) Extension Update

The new version of the Advanced Uptime Monitor (AUM) Extension should be available within the next few weeks.

However, it will not include Better Uptime, as I promised. After working with their API and talking to them about what we need, we are waiting for version 2 of their API before we can add it.

The next version of AUM will include Uptime Robot, NodePing, and Site24x7.


Is there any ETA for this API v2 from BetterUptime?

Apologies I missed this @jfa, they have not given us an timeframe but you may want to reach out to their support.

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I contacted them about this and they said:

We’ve recently made a few updates to a number of our APIs. Would you happen to know what they require? What would you like to achieve with the integration?

Obviously I don’t know how to answer that lol, but I guess it means they are waiting further guidance??

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