Advanced uptime monitor - e-mail "overload"

Hi I use the advanced uptime monitor extension.

I have a stagging-site and when is down I get a lot of mails

Can I aviod e-mails alerts and just use/see problems in the MainWP dashboard?

When I try to make changes to the settings (remove the emailafdress) the changes is not saved

It would be nice If I could have just one mail with a overview of all URL’s (when on the same server )


Hi @Lars

Advanced Uptime Monitoring extension uses 3rd party services to check for uptime, and they are the ones sending out emails when the site goes down.

On the other hand, if you are getting email notifications from the MainWP Dashboard site, that must be from the Basic Uptime Monitoring service.

This feature can be turned on/off globally in the Settings page, but it can also be configured per site, by going to the Child Site Dashboard > Edit page.


Thanks Bojan

I found a setting on that I didn’t see in the fist place

This little play/pause button

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 11-27-48 Dashboard UptimeRobot

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