Advanced Uptime Monitor Uptime Status Column

Is there a way to get the status button to appear on the Manage Sites page? It doesn’t show for just a couple of sites for some reason. It does show on the Advanced Uptime Monitor page and the Overview pages.

Tried all the usual reloading tricks, etc. Also tried deleting the child site and re-adding.

Just wanted to add that the uptime status button does not appear only for sites which are installed in a directory below root. (i.e. Perhaps this is a small bug??

Hey @lestweforgit

When you check “Info” on the Advanced Uptime Monitor page for the sites that don’t show status in the Manage Sites table, do you get any errors or does the info for that site seem fine?

And to eliminate the host as a potential issue - do you have any root installations of WP on any of the servers where the affected child sites are hosted and do these sites show their Status in the Manage Sites table?

The “Info” on the Advanced Uptime Monitor page shows no errors or warnings for either of the sites that don’t show status in the manage sites table.

There is no root install of WordPress on one of the affected sites, the other is a multisite subdirectory install. The main network site displays correctly for everything though.

All sites display perfectly on the Advanced Uptime Monitor page and the MainWP Overview page still. I just thought I was missing something or had a switch off somewhere for the manage site table… I can easily live with it the way it is.

I may try wiping the whole install and starting over. It was a bit glitchy when I added all the sites to the Advanced Uptime Monitor so maybe that caused a snag. Thanks for answering my post. Great plugin BTW!

You are most welcome, and I’m glad you are enjoying our plugin.

If you wish, at any point, you can open a private Help Desk ticket, so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

Thank you Bojan! I will try wipe and re-install first.

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