Advancend Uptime monitor only working with main domain?


On May 2 I started this topic:

Uptime Robot only working with main domain?

The problem was solved with the new version, but today I had to install the extension again and I noticed that the Advanced Uptime monitor extensions is still not updated, so I have the same problem again now.

And the download link in my first topic (containing the updated extension) does not work anymore?

So when will the extension finally be updated to solve this problem? And in the meantime, can I already download the updated version again?


Hi Alwin,

What is the AUM extension version number that you are using?

The fix provided in your previous topic should be included in the version 5.1.3

I am using version 5.1.3

The problem is that in UI of the extension itself there is a correct list of all the uptime monitors.

But at the individual child site pages in MainWP I see the error message:
No Uptime Robot Account Connected

Can you try this version?

Yes, that version seems to solve the problem again!

Thanks for verifying that.
I will make sure this gets included properly in the next official release.

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