After WordPress 5.5 MainWP Child errors on DIVI theme sites

I have tested updating to WordPress 5.5 on Divi theme sites (running version 4.5.6 on php 7.4). Test sites are not running through Cloudflare.

If MainWP child is enabled the site throws an internal server error. If it is disabled the site renders correctly. I have tried clearing all caches but the error persists as long as MainWP child is connected.

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HI, @heartcomms can you try installing the Beta of 4.1 Dashboard on a test site and the Beta Child on one of your Divi sites and see if the issue is resolved? We made a lot of code changes in 4.1.

Hi @dennis,

I’ve actually got the same issue (but haven’t raised a support ticket for it yet). I’m running the 4.1 Beta anyway as advised by support while troubleshooting an unrelated issue.

I’ve also noticed that if you upgrade the MainWP dashboard site to WordPress 5.5 it appears I’m now unable to sync anything. If I click the ‘Sync all sites’ button, nothing happens.

Can you please confirm that you are using the MainWP 4.1-beta2 version?

Hi Ingrid, If MainWP Child 4.1-beta2 doesn’t help, can you try to increase the PHP Memory Limit and WP Memory Limit on the site and see if that helps?

An internal server error is a PHP error, that should be written to de PHP error log. If you check that log, we can find out what goes wrong and what might cause it.

Hi @bogdan,

Thanks for the heads up on this. Have just realised that a second beta version was released (we were on v1 which is apparently incompatible with WP5.5). Upgraded to 4.1 Beta 2 and can confirm that it now appears to be working as expected (although still with the random install failures mentioned in my support ticket with you).

I’ve hit watch on the beta topic now so fingers crossed we wont miss any future updates :slight_smile:


Morning all

I have spun out a testing dashboard site and run a few tests to try and narrow down the issue.

Did the initial pre-test to make sure I still had the same error before doing anything. Yep - internal server error.

Test 1 - Clean WP install - version 5.4 and the beta 2 dashboard (no extensions) and beta child on Divi site running WP 5.5. Worked.
Test 2 - Same as above but updated the default WP themes to the latest versions. Worked.
Test 3 - Updated test dashboard site to 5.5. Worked.
Test 4 - Added in all my preferred extensions. Worked.
Test 5 - Tested old child plugin with test dash. Did not work.
Test 6 - Tested new child with old dash still running WP5.4 and the production version of MainWP. Worked,

There is nothing in the php error log for the child site or the live dashboard.

For the test dash the only php error after all the tests is:

[12-Aug-2020 22:57:25 UTC] PHP Warning: chown(): parameter 2 should be string or int, bool given in /home/*****hidden/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 196

So I theorised that the problem could potentially be in the production version of the child plugin.

I then tested that theory on a stack of live sites on domains and subdomains and couldn’t create the internal server error for those sites staying with my current dash and child plugin and simply updating to the latest WP 5.5. Don’t you love it when a bug isn’t consistent!

After the 10th hassle free update, I went back to the initial test site and deleted the beta child plugin and put the production one back, and reconnected it to the main dash. Yep - Internal server error again.

Deleted the child and put in the beta child. Worked again.

So now I am stumped.


Read the thread on Bakery issues and tested the problem child site by deactivating the Divi Child theme with the old MainWP child plugin. Bingo. It worked and didn’t throw an error.

So … to sum up. If the site throws an internal error for your Divi sites, then either deactivate and fix the child theme, or update to the beta version of the MainWP child plugin.



WOW - looks like you did some extensive testing! Glad that you were able to find out the issue.

Thank you very much for helping us make MainWP a better tool for everyone.

Great testing! But it sounds like the issue is in the code of the Divi child theme (unique to that site) and might be triggered by something in MainWP Child.

You should now test the code in the child theme (by eliminating parts of it) to get deaper to the root cause. As soon as that’s known we could check if MainWP needs to change/fix something or that it was just a mistake in the child theme.


That would have been the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately by that point of the day my brain went for the nuclear option and just did a quick scan of the old child theme to work out what was in there, figured out a workaround for those bits and then nuked the child theme. This test site was an old legacy site so the child theme was about 5 years old and Divi had moved on a lot since then so most of the bits were no longer needed.

That said, I am only half way through rolling the latest WP out through my maintenance clients (I always do these major rollouts manually and test any of the big sites on clone test locations first). Some of their sites are about the same vintage. If I get the same error I will do a more careful comb through the code.


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