All sites host at siteground can't sync anymore

Since two days ago all websites host at siteground are not sync and seems not to be syncable.

i try to disconnect, reconnect, remove plugin, reinstall etc…

each time seems that it can’t connect

Hi @heavestudio,

It sounds like the server-side firewall on SG started blocking requests from your dashboard.
You can always contact the SG support and provide them your dashboard site IP address to they can check logs on the server and whitelist it.

Hi @heavestudio,
We have a few sites with SG and didn’t notice any issues, are you on a dedicated server or shared?

Hello, it is a shared :slight_smile:

Ok same as us so you may need to contact them and whitelisted your MainWP server IP…
I think we did it but not sure 100%, it has been a while.

Maybe they heard us, seems that it is back to normal.
maybe a temporary block, maybe a temporary bug from them.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know.