[Already Available] WhiteLabel CMS Dashboard for Clients

I would like to request a plugin extension or a module within MainWP where i can deploy white label dashboard for all client sites. This would be most amazing feature since MainWP is already built for agencies so this feature I believe is essential… i hope other MAINWP users will vote for this or they might have a better idea to handle this feature

Wouldn’t the Branding Extension handle this for you?


If I am not mistaken, I think @sagalian means a reusable admin dashboard you can install on all new clients sites.

Maybe I’m missing it but still sounds like what the Branding Extension does:

Branding Options:

The Branding Options section allows you to alter how the plugin appears on your client’s site. You can easily display your company’s name, along with your explanation of what the plugin does in place of the standard MainWP credits and Author information. You can even select not to allow the MainWP Child plugin to appear at all to your clients!

Plugin Name
Plugin Description
Plugin URL
Plugin Author
Author URL

Remove or Disable Functions

The MainWP Branding Extension enables you to restrict the ability of your clients to edit and delete plugins and themes and creates a more secure place for them to work. You can use this as a way to prevent unwanted changes by clients with less experience. That’s not all; you can also prevent users from accessing the WP Admin Settings and WordPress Tools sections.


Plugins Menu
Appearance Menu
Remove Permalinks Menu
Settings Menu
Tools Menu
MainWP Settings Page
MainWP Restore Page

WordPress Branding Options

The MainWP Branding Extension allows you to easily white-label the entire WordPress admin area, from the admin bar to the dashboard and a whole lot more.

This Extension makes it quick and easy to do everything, from replacing the WordPress logo with your company logo to completely customizing the admin area, favicons, dashboard, and more.
Here Are Just a Few Things You Can Do With Our Extension:

Change the Login Screen Logo
Change the Favicon
Enable/Disable WordPress Dashboard Widgets
Add/Change the Global Footer Content
Add/Change the Admin Footer Content
Change the Site Generator
Apply a Custom Login Screen CSS
Apply a Custom WP-Admin CSS
Replace any Text on your child sites.

You should go with the branding extension of simply create a plugin that you deploy to all child sites with further modifications. This is the way I handle this.


That is actually very close to what I want to do. What does your custom plugin do?