Any creative ways of emailing customers?!?

I know MainWP doesn’t send emails outside of reports but communication with customers is quite important and I haven’t come up with a satisfactory way of maintaining it.

I want to be able to send emails only to customers in the ‘xyz’ tag group or send a blast to all customers. Right now I maintain separate lists and manually keep track but I want to get creative and targeted with my messages.

Anybody have a unique way of managing customer email communication?


Why not use a service like Klaviyo? []

You could export the email addresses to their platform, and then you can “segment” your list. They used to have a free account if you don’t send often and the list is small. Not sure if they still off that plan.

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Thanks for that suggestion.

Does Klaviyo sync with MainWP? I’ll look into it.

I use a self-hosted build of Mautic but the challenge is maintaining the segmented list as customers come and go.

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No, I don’t think it syncs with MainWP (but I haven’t checked ALL the extensions and never even thought to check).

Klaviyo is mostly used by ecommerce websites but I have my own account as I manage some of my clients newsletters and email blasts. So I have my own list, that even includes a segment called “Family” and can send only to those when I have news here, from Greece that they might want to be aware of.

They also have some pretty nice templates to draw inspiration from if you want a fancy HTML email to go out.

It might not be what you are looking for, but maybe it will work for you.

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I will definitely check it out. I really need to step up my communication game.

Thanks much!


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