Anyone is already using CodeGuard? What is your feedback?


I am wondering if any members of this community is using CodeGuard and if they have any feedback?
It looks interesting but it is a deep investment for us and I am wondering if it is worth it?
We already have a good backup solution in place, we prefer to manually update the site when we decide so the auto update is not a feature we are interested in and we have usually good security protection in place so neither this function will be helpful…
So what do I miss?

Thank you for your feedback, Fred.

PS: In case you missed what CodeGuard is, here is the link to their site (MainWP has a special deal for PRO Members):

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I had a look at their prices and it looks very expensive. Even if it was half the price it would still be twice as much as I pay for UpdraftPlus Premium. Which for me is $87 per year for up to 35 sites. I am happy with UpdraftPlus and I have no reason to switch.

Same for us but wondering if I am missing something. Thanks for the feedback @larryjam

Currently it works well, but yes, it is a bit pricey, I must agree.

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I feel that the ability to remove any Malware found within your backups automatically is worth it’s weight alone. That’s just my opinion though. I’m not interested in the automatic updates either as I shy away from those as well.


Being “worth it” will be different from everyone based on their needs and budgets.

Let’s take into account that CodeGuard is more than a backup solution with one-click restore, and it also gives you change alert notifications, so you know when something changes on your site, and when you go higher than the Dashboard plan you also get Vulnerability Scanning and MalwareGone™ Remediation.

So I like to think of CodeGuard as more of a protection suite than just backups.

After years of using CodeGuard, I choose to stay with them because I can always count on it “just working”. That’s why I am excited to finally be able to offer it to MainWP Pro Members.

I genuinely believe in CodeGuard.

I’m not an affiliate of CodeGuard. I resell their services. I can resell at any price, but I choose to sell to our @Pro at my cost plus stripe fees so as many people as possible can afford the service.

I also pay for the 1 year free Dashboard plan out of my pocket to get people to try the service. That’s how much I believe in CodeGuard for MainWP users.

You may have never heard the name CodeGuard, but it’s not a company that just started. CodeGuard is owned and operated by Sectigo, a leader in CyberSecurity, who until last year was better known as Commodo CA, one the largest SSL issuer’s in the world.

With all that being, you have to go with the solution that fits your needs and budget. We currently have 6 Backup Extensions plus the addition of CodeGuard to choose from.


I installed it and… it simply works… still. Without any issues in these few days. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dennis for the good explanation! Makes sense. I have to compare for all the services I have and see if CodeGuard could be the solution.


It seems okay, but I am a bit confused by their sign up process. I am based in the UK, so I would have assumed they would have geolocated me to have a UK account. It seems this is not the case. When I went to login today to check how things were going, I tried to login to the UK account, but it wasn’t. I think if they allowed people to pick the region on sign up, it would be much clearer. After all there are implications for things like GDPR, etc.

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