Automatic sync has stopped working

All of a sudden the auto-sync has stopped working in my application. I have tried this now over multiple days switching the frequency and time of day when I noticed that the synchronisation has completely stopped and is only ever working manually.

Even then, it’s not working as before:

  • I always have a “0” under total updates.
  • I then run the “Sync Dashboard with Child Sites” and it shows the number of updates
  • next I hit “update everything” and it goes through its motions, but I can see that some plugins are legitimately left out (i.e. some premium plugins I know I have to update manually)
  • In the past it would show me a positive number on the “update everything” line afterwards, which is great, showing me that some plugins are still pending updates. But that’s not the case anymore. It jumps back to “0”, even though that’s not correct.
  • I have to run another “Sync Dashboard with Child Sites” to show the remaining updates.

This is a new issue and has only recently started.

Please, do search before posting in order to stop repeated questions. Thank you very much for understanding.

  • this is a known bug with a patch that will be in the next release. Please download the Patch and install manually from this thread and or wait for the new version.

For your convenience here is where this issue is being discussed & where you can D.L. the patch.

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