Available Updates displays same version #

Sometimes, after re-syncing, the list of available updates includes plugins or themes for which the available update displays the same version #, thus there is no actual update to perform. I sometimes have to re-sync a few times before they remove themselves from the list.

I have see this both in the dashboard and in the Daily Digest email I receive

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I’ve seen this as well and most of the time with premium plugins/themes like Thrive. These updates have also display issues on the website, so I think that’s also playing a role. The site gives some mixed signals. I’m not sure if this is something MainWP can solve (hiding it at most), but that it should be fixed by the plugin/theme author by fixing the integration with the WP update process.

I have also seen this behavior, in most cases, it was the Divi theme and some other products from Elegant Themes.

@josklever is right, it’s not something that this can be fixed on our side, this is a problem with integration with the WP update process.

I have seen this same behavior on child sites directly, without using MainWP. Basically, WP shows the same for these plugins.

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@bogdan Updates from Divi work fine, so that might have been an old issue from when they were using an older update checker.

Hmmm, strange, I saw that last time about a month ago.

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