[BackWPup] Extension not showing all the backups

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we recently installed the BackWPup extension and synced a backup job to all of our 12 websites. We then ran the job once, changed the output from .zip to .tar and then ran the job again, which resulted in 24 individual archive files.

Right after the second job had finished, the dashboard was correctly showing 24 archives. However, now, 12 hours later, we checked again and now the backup list is only showing about 10 files. We’ve tried syncing and refreshing the website(s) multiple times, but they just won’t show up. Also, when we log in to each individual website and check the BackWPup plugin manually the backups do show up correctly. Same, when we manually check (via FTP), the backup archives are definitely there. The extension just isn’t able to retreive the information about them, for some reason.

Here’s a video showing the bug: https://www.screencast.com/t/1Lx01G5i
I had to blurr the websites, but you can clearly see 12 websites in the list and all are showing a successful update on 15th June (yesterday) in the overview, but once I switch over to the Existing Backups tab, only 10 of them show up.

Hi @enit891

I was able to reproduce the issue. It appears that the Existing Tab page can only display a maximum of 10 existing backups.

I’ve forwarded it to the development team.

Hi @bojan ,
thank you for your support!

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