Basic Uptime Monitoring - conflicting status indicators


I have a child site that is behind a htaccess password. Its status on the Dashboard is “401 Not Authorized”.

On the Dashboard’s “Manage Sites” screen, the site is showing as red (disconnected). Is that to be expected?

Interestingly, the Site Health is showing ‘good’ and the Monitoring tab is showing a ‘green’ checkmark, so some connectivity must exist.

It appears the same UI element (the checkmark in the second column of the sites list) is being used for two very different purposes - connectivity and uptime. One can be green and the other red, which is really confusing.

Also, a status of ‘401’ does not equal ‘down’. Email alerts are being sent unnecessarily.

Hi @rickyT,

thanks for reaching out.
Can you please post a screenshot where I can see the problem so I can understand it better?

@rickyT do you have the htaccess creds applied to the Child Sites profile?

@kwcjr after adding the creds, the site is now showing as ‘green’. This confirms that the monitoring checks need some fine tuning:

  1. prevent false alarms on some status codes (e.g. 401) or let the user choose which ones should trigger alarms
  2. improve the UI so that the green checkmark is not used for different purposes on different screens

@rickyT Thanks for your input. We will have a look into things and also take into consideration what others have reported.

Let us know if you need further help.

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