Basic uptime monitoring saying site down status 0 when site is up

New user for MainWP here. We manage 99 sites currently and I wanted to try out basic uptime monitoring. I’m not sure why but throughout the day I will get emails saying a website is down “status 0” on multiple websites. I check the websites and they are all up and working fine.

I tried whitelisting the server IP address in wordfence and server firewalls, checked all settings are correct for MainWP such as Curl timeout…Not sure what else to check.

I can also see in my raw access logs where MainWP pinged the server and the odd part is in my raw access logs the server said it returned status 200. So I’m not sure why MainWP is reading status 0

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Tom,

I still believe that some server-side security layer is causing this.
Can you contact your host support and have them check what could be blocking header checks or setting the false Status Code 0?

I had this problem too. I found that when I selected the entire group (let’s call it tier 1) then if there were more than 5 sites included, the uptime monitoring all shows 0. When I individually clicked 4 sites (from that same group) and manually ran the report, all uptime monitoring %'s reported accurately.

so I have been having to execute the reports manually in chunks. super annoying and time-consuming.

Hi Flora,

Are all your sites on the same server/host?

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