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Upon using MainWP to update my plugins everything works fine EXCEPT whenever there is a BeaverBuilder Pro plugin update. Whenever I try to update this plugin across multiple sites, it totally misaligns all of the formatting. Here is an example of what happens:

The header has been stripped and the horizontal alignment is now vertical. Am I the only one having this issue with a page builder and MainWP??

As a result, I have to go into each site and deactivate / reactivate all plugin to get it back to normal. Kind of defeats the purpose! Thanks in advance for any help, advice or recommendations on how to fix this.

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Hi @Art

I haven’t seen this issue reported before.

Does clearing the cache on those child sites help, or do you have to deactivate / reactivate all plugins to fix the layout?

I haven’t tried clearing the cache plugin yet. We’re using LiteSpeed Cache plugin. Are you suggesting to just clear that plugin? And, if so, before or after the BB Pro update? So far, it’s just been bulk deactivate/activate all the plugins… but, it needs to be accomplished individually on each site so it’s time consuming. The BB Pro is the only plugin where it occurs.

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O.K. I see that I had not switched on the automatic cache clearing on MainWP. I just enabled, saved and synced the sites. I’ll see what happens the next update with that particular plugin. Thanks for the response.



Thanks for letting me know. Let’s see if Cache clearing helps.

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Hey Art,

I have found that any update to Beaver Builder requires me to perform a Beaver Builder cache clear inside the website.

Visit the Tools screen in the Beaver Builder settings:

You can get the same result by deleting the cache files on the Beaver Builder caching directory in the folder* .

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Matt…

I’ll look into this. But, I am hoping I don’t have to go into each of 55 websites to perform that task each time BB updates.

Well… even after enabling automatic caching I still have the same problem.

I just updated the Beaver Builder Pro Plugin for all 52 sites and made it, but most did not. They ended up looking like this:

So, I’ll be spending the afternoon deactivating and reactivating all plugins on all 52 sites. I am hoping someone on staff can find out what is happening with this. It’s ONLY the Beaver Builder Pro plugin…


Can you confirm if clearing the Beaver Builder cache by itself that Matt Ryan suggested in the comment above fixes the layout issue?

O.K., I deleted the cache files using the method #2 as recommended by Matt. And, the formatting returned. But, I obviously don’t want to have to do this for every site.

Would it be helpful if I provided admin access to another site with the same issue (I’ve not corrected it yet). It’s one of our demo sites so I’m not concerned with security.

Does the issue also occur if you update Beaver Builder directly via the site? According to Clear the Beaver Builder cache | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base the cache should be cleared automatically when the plugin is updated, so if that does work with a direct update and not via MainWP, then you could ask Beaver Builder if something needs to be triggered if an update is done via MainWP.

And just to be sure. Do you use the normal update procedure or are you uploading the new version to all sites? In the last case it’s not really an update, so that might explain why the post update process is not executed.

I’ve got a client using Beaver Builder Pro and they have never complained that the website was broken after an update via MainWP and I don’t clear the BB cache manually.

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Jos… thanks for chiming in. The issue does NOT occur when I update the sites directly. Only when I update via MainWP… and, even then, not ALL sites are effected… even though they are all basically the same “clones” with the same plugins, etc.

Maybe, I’ve been doing things incorrectly. What is the “normal” update procedure? I have been uploading to all sites at once. Thanks so much in advance.

The normal updating procedure is clicking update when a new version is available. You should see the available update on your MainWP Dashboard on /wp-admin/admin.php?page=UpdatesManage&tab=plugins-updates

You seem to be installing the new version overwriting the existing one.

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Thanks again, Jos…but, I’m not sure I understand. In the screenshot, you’ll see the WooCommerce Plugin for shipping and tax (34 sites). Normally, I would just click on "UPDATE ALL"

That’s my normal procedure even with the BB plugin updates. I don’t quite understand how it’s actually installing a new version overwriting an existing version. I thought it was merely updating the plugin.

Okay, this is indeed updating the plugin. You were talking about uploading it to all sites, so that sounded like using the “Install plugin” functionality. Some people use that if they don’t have active licenses for every site, but of course that’s not allowed.

So if it’s going wrong with updating all sites at once, did you check if it also goes wrong if you update 1 site at a time? Maybe it’s caused by a busy server or something.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ve not tried the single update yet. That’s next. But, again, that kind of defeats the purpose… although MainWP works flawlessly with all other plugins.

Thanks again…

I’m not saying that it is the solution, but if it does work that way some settings in MainWP Dashboard might be tweaked via Settings - Advanced Settings, like enabling “Optimize for shared hosting or big networks” or lowering some simultaneous requests.

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Can you consult with the Beaver Builder authors if there is a hook that can be triggered to clear the cache after an update?

If there is one, you could use Code Snippet extension to apply it to all Child Sites.

Thank you Jos and Bojan… I will reach out to BB to see about a hook.


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