Best Practices for Replacing/Swapping Plugins

What is the best way to accomplish the following?

I have several sites (not all) that use Plugin1. I have decided to now use Plugin2.

I can search for which sites have Plugin1 installed on the site. I can deactivate and delete Plugin1 from this screen.

Is there a way from this results screen to install Plugin2?

Or, is there a better way to do this?


Yes this is possible! :slight_smile:
From the Plugins page search all sites with Plugin1. Select them and click the button that appears on the top right: “Install to Selected Site(s)”.
Then follow the instructions to install Plugin2. After that you can delete Plugin1.

Thank you! II never noticed the button to “Install to Selected Site(s)”! Thanks for pointing that out!

Be Well - And Happy Holidays!

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