Best security service or plugin?

Now that i found a site management tool, what’s the best security service or plugin to pair this with?

What do you recommend and why?

I am a little lost in my research, they all know how to market themselves. … astra ( seems to be a good option, but they are a little pricey – or are they not? Compared to malcare it’s 1500/year vs 599/year for 20 sites, are they that much better? … Any advice is welcome, i don’t know what to choose.

I’ve been using Wordfence Security (free version) for years on all the sites (240+) I manage. I’ve linked them to Wordfence Central (also free), so I can monitor all security issues from one dashboard and manage the notifications (like sending high and critical level issues to Slack).

Besides Wordfence it’s also important to keep your sites updated, but that’s why you’ve chosen MainWP already.

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Thank you, Jos! That helped a lot. I checked it immediately and have to say, the free Version of Wordfence Security is pretty cool. I can’t even see the main drawback compared to the paid version?

The main advantage of the Pro version is the real time blacklist, that will make sure bad IPs can’t even do less bad stuff to your sites and the firewall rules that you get without a 30-day delay, so if a security risk is found in a plugin or so, you are already protected before an update is released. I’m updating daily and are keeping sort of a IP blacklist of my own on my servers, so I’m fine without it.

You should also checkout their blogs, podcasts etc. to get an idea of what they do for the WordPress community.

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Thanks again, Jos. To keep this short: after a lot – which means DAYS – of further research and testing i decided to go exactly the same route. Wordfence central incl. the option to mix payed and free projects is a big plus, i would not have seen this without your tipp.
I am happy now to have a capable setup, that will do it for some years.

Do you send reports with MainWP? If so, do you integrate data from Wordfence?

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

I don’t send reports, because my clients don’t want to be bothered by the technical stuff and just trust me that I keep everything working as it should. :wink:

Thank you, Jos. I did not know about Wordfence Central. I will look into it. Currently I use Wordfence on 5 live sites.

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