Best way to test child sites after updates?

I was wondering what the best method is to check child sites are working without actually visiting the site?
Doing this in bulk would be preferable, I have 10 sites now and visit all the child sites after updating but plan to grow my client list checking 50 - 100 sites (a way off yet I know) is unmanageable using the method I do at present.

What do you suggest?

Warm Regards

Richard Thorne

hi @RichThorne, we are testing Visual Ping with the $4 plan and so far, it is working well. We have more than 80 sites so it is important to have an automation process to check the visual of the site… We are doing every week after the maintenance (scheduled every Saturday morning).


Visual Ping seems like more advanced option, but if you are looking for a more basic checks, you can use the built in feature that will check HTTP status of your site right after update.

You can find this option in MainWP > Settings


Excellent, I haven’t heard of visual ping. I’ll take a look.

Thanks for your help.

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@bogdan - we are using it (check HTTP status), very helpful but our concerns is more about the visual changes happened after updated a plugin or theme (DIVI, anyone? LOL) the look and feel change and visual ping is very helpful for that since your site is still up and running, the status will be a 200. :wink:

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yes, I understand. I said that Visual Ping is better and more advanced solution. HTTP Check is just a basic solution.

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Thanks I turns out have that option enabled.
How does it work, will I get a notification/email telling me which child site hasn’t sent a 200 response?

Yes, if some of your sites return Status Code different than 200 (OK), you will get Email notification.

Ah, that’s great thanks for confirming.

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