Better Uptime vs UptimeRobot for Cron monitoring

At the bottom of this article…

It says:

If you want to make sure that WP Cron jobs are regularly triggered on your MainWP Dashboard, you can Authorize the Uptime Robot service and add your dashboard site as a monitor. The Uptime Robot will ping your dashboard site regularly and make sure that all scheduled events are occurring.

How would I go about doing this using Better Uptime? Do I add a heartbeat monitor? I tried that and it just gave me a link that says “Make a HEAD, GET, or a POST request to the following URL”… but I’m not sure if there’s somewhere in MainWP to add this.

Hey @MikeX3

You simply have to create a Monitor in Better Uptime, just like you would do for any website whose uptime you wish to monitor.

Heartbeat monitor in Better Uptime serves a special purpose. It’s an automated way of checking whether scheduled tasks run correctly. However, Heartbeat monitor will not ping your Dashboard or create network activity and thus, it will not help with ensuring that Cron jobs are being triggered.

Got it… I have my mainwp domain redirected at the moment so I can’t monitor the …however, I suppose I could monitor since that would return a positive result. Going off of what was said in the article I posted, is there some other way I should ensure that automatic updates are happening through wp-cron? Or should I use a separate cron service. I’m not very familiar with cron so maybe it’s already all good.

Sure, you can use as the URL for the monitor.

By adding the Dashboard to an uptime monitor, it may already be enough to have a perfectly working WP Cron.

If you find that the scheduled tasks aren’t executing in a timely manner, you can look into alternative Crons.

Some hosting providers offer their own brand of it, so that could be the next avenue to look into should the WP Cron continue having issues.

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