Block WPadmin section on the main server from selected Team members

Hello All,
Is it possible to set up a team member that can manage my child’s sites ( as administrator ) but restricted to my main dashboard site wp admin panel?
when this team member log in to the MainWP site, they should redirect to MainWP dashboard only no access to WP admin section

Hey @himala76

The purpose of Team Control is to limit access to parts of the MainWP Dashboard and not to parts of WP Admin. For that, you would need to use a third-party solution.

However, be advised that both Team Control and any other 3rd party plugin for managing user privileges are modifying the same user roles that are found in the WP Admin.

So double-check that your MainWP Dashboard is working properly for those user roles after you’ve edited them with a 3rd party plugin.

And please keep in mind that we strongly recommend installing MainWP Dashboard on an empty WordPress site, in which case there is a reduced need to limit privileges on the WP Admin for your team members.

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