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I want to edit and register the slug of the Boiler plate as an original.

Hey @imzban

To change the slug of the already published Boilerplate Post or Page, simply Edit that particular Post or Page, change the value in the “Slug” field, and click the Publish button.

In Japanese, the slug is abnormal. It cannot be changed.

Hey @imzban

I just changed my WordPress to Japanese, and I’ve used a Japanese text for a title and a slug to test this. When I change the slug in MainWP, the title and the slug on the child site get correctly updated.

If the slug does get changed for you on the child site as well, then MainWP is functioning correctly.

But if you are unable to open that post or you are getting error 404, perhaps some kind of general WordPress troubleshooting on your end may be necessary to determine the issue.

Uploading: chrome_B90TL5gIXB.png…
Will look like this

Will look like this


Thanks for the clarification.

I did manage to reproduce the issue and will notify the development team.

However, this is just a visual issue on the Extensions > Boilerplate page.

If you edit that Boilerplate post, the slug should be rendered normally, and you should be able to edit it, save it, and update the changes to Child sites without an issue.

Editing on MainWP:
Changed on Child site:

Thank you! Waiting for this


For example, this plug-in does not support LOCO-TRANSRATE. …

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