Boilerplate Extension - featured images not posting to child sites


It appears that Boilerplate Posts with featured images only work correctly the first time it’s published to a child site.

If the same boilerplate post is published to other child sites, the featured image is not applied. The image appears in the Media Library, but there is no database record on the child site for the featured image association.

Also, on the first child site, the Media asset is duplicated and the post is updated to use that duplicated asset filename.

This is a big content management issue.

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for reporting this, I tried to duplicate this problem on my test setup, but I couldn’t.

Can post exact steps how to reproduce the problem?

Yes, here are the steps:

  1. from MainWP dashboard, create a boilerplate post and attach/upload a new Featured Image
  2. publish the boilerplate post to TWO child sites at the same time
  3. inspect Child #1 and verify the image has been added to Media, and the post has a featured image attached
  4. inspect Child #2 and verify the image has been added to Media, but the image is NOT attached to the post
  5. from MainWP dashboard, re-publish the same boilerplate post to the same two child sites
  6. notice that the image is now duplicated in Media on both sites, but the image attachment still fails
  7. notice that on Child #1, the post is now using the duplicate image as the source for the featured image

Thanks for the update, can you please tell me is this problem also resolved by updating to version 4.1 while the other problem that you have reported?

I retested using 4.1-beta3 and the featured images are being attached correctly on child site posts.

However, the issue with images being duplicated in child site Media folders is still there. The images are duplicated each time the boilerplate post is republished.

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Thanks for verifying that.

We will look into this.

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