Boilerplate Extension - how to show categories and tags


On the Boilerplate Extension’s “Boilerplate Posts” tab which lists all boilerplate posts, how do I display the Categories and Tags columns?


These columns are not available under the current UI.

Thanks - what’s the best way to add those columns? This would be very useful when managing many boilerplate posts. It would also be consistent with the Posts > Manage Posts screen.

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Basically, where I’m going with this, is to have the ability to publish multiple boilerplate posts to multiple child sites at the same time.

For many sites with many boilerplate posts, it seems the only option is to publish posts one by one which would take many hours.

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The best way to quickly add what you want to add would be to utilize the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension - along with writing your own custom PHP Script to add the columns that you would like.

There is already an example in Github describing how to add additional Table Columns to the Manage Sites Page.:

You would simply need to adapt it to the Boilerplate Table filters & create a custom call to get the Categories.

More Resources:
MakinWP CODE Reference:
MainWP API Codex :

In the mean time I can Convert this into a Feature Request instead which may be voted on at possibly added to a future release or fast tracked if deemed necessary…

Please let me know what you would like to do and how you make out.


Thanks for the detailed response @kwcjr - much appreciated.

In the past, I’ve tried to create custom extensions, but development took hours because the underlying architecture and documentation is difficult to follow.

I agree this should be an urgent feature request.

It seems strange that Posts, Themes, Plugins are all able to be distributed and managed across the child site network in a consistent manner, but this is not possible with Boilerplate Posts (which is promised here). I don’t think we need a vote to determine this should be a core feature.

Just to hit on this quickly, that is the point of the 4.1 Beta.

The code now meets WordPress plugin coding standards and with 4.1 Beat-3 which should be released Tuesday (Sept 1, 2020) we have added over 500 hooks and created a whole new developer area which includes an updated Codex with direct links to the code in Github.

Hopefully, this will make coding of custom Extensions much easier going forward.


Thanks @dennis much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to the next version and I’m happy to test the upcoming Beta. However, I still need to spend time fixing production issues first.

Do you agree that Boilerplate Posts should be managed in the same way as other assets?

Hi Ricky, I agree that the Boilerplate posts and pages should be managed the same way, but I am not sure that I fully understand your requirement. Can you please provide me more details?

Regarding the Categories and Tags columns, we will add that in the next extension update.

Thanks @bogdan much appreciated.

The proposed requirements for the boilerplate posts management are:

  1. ability to select multiple boilerplate posts in Boilerplate Post Extension > Boilerplate Posts tab
  2. ability to select multiple child sites / groups in Boilerplate Post Extension > Boilerplate Posts tab (same UI as Posts > Manage Posts tab)
  3. ability to publish selected boilerplate posts to selected child sites / groups at the same time

The key requirement is to be able to quickly publish multiple boilerplate posts to multiple child sites. At the moment, users need to manage each boilerplate post one-by-one which is extremely time consuming when there is a long list of boilerplate posts and a large network of child sites.

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