Branding Extension, Client Reports and What is coming in the Future of MainWP

I am considering the Pro version of MainWP. Besides all of the excellent features offered out of the box I was really interested in 2 extensions. The Branding Extension and the Client Reports.

The Client Reports look good but I wish there was a link to an actual example report so I can see it instead of a few snapshots.

I was also really excited about the Branding Reports. I wish the webpage was more detailed but from what I understand it doesn’t seem to offer the finder detail I need. I basically want to update:

  • the login page background image and logo image to be client specific (these should be branded for each client and not for my company IMO)
  • Remove any menu items in the backend but only for certain user roles (for the sidebar and topbar). Reorder would also be nice here
  • Add in my own dashboard (using Elementor). This should depend on User Roles as well
  • Add Additional Menu item with page (using Elementor)
  • Update the footer. Remove " Thank you for creating with [WordPress]" and add our own company brand.
  • Set the Admin Color Scheme

There’s a few more things but those are the important items. I know the Branding Extension does some of this stuff but from the examples I see on the Branding page disabling the menu items I want (like for certain plugins), Dashboard created with Elementor, and the login page customized for each client is not possible. For examples there are 2 excellent plugins out there that do this including Ultimate Dashboard and White Label CMS

I also would like to see some sort of official roadmap for MainWP and extensions. I know their is the forums with features request but it is difficult to determine what is currently being worked on. This would give me confidence moving forward of things I am interested in being actively developed. It would also be nice to see some sort of updated About Page showing a timeline of the company, general info on the founders, milestones MainWP is proud of, etc…

This post may sound negative, I did not intend it to be. Just wanted to give my thoughts as I try to decide to go Pro.

This is a great piece of software and the ability to manage plugin updates, etc. makes it essential for any Freelancer. I code as well so I understand somewhat the complexity of what you are doing and realize things take time and can’t happen overnight.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words.
I will give my best to answer your questions.

Regarding the reports, please see here the PDF example of the default report. However, the Client Reports extension provides you the ability to customize reports. This means that with basics HTML/CSS knowledge you can fully customize reports to reflect your brand.

Regarding your suggestions for the Branding extension, please feel free to post Feature Suggestions to the Features section so other users can support your ideas and vote it up.

Regarding the official roadmaps, this is a difficult question. We do have plans, but plans always change :slight_smile:
Basically, we are always focused on our users needs, but when it comes to final decision what to develop next, I believe that Dennis, MainWP Co-flounder explained it best in this post.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Thanks for the info.

Regarding Branding, I will add the requests when I get a chance.

I do hope you look at creating a more official type road map that is clear and concise. I understand and fully expect plans to change but it would be nice to see at a glance at what is being worked on.

Hi Tom,

Thanks, we appreciate your feedback.

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