Branding not working right. Suggestions

Hey guys. So question. I setup branding on my MainWP. But then I was like I’d like to have the client login screen be their logo. Not mine. So I went into the site overview. Chose the site n then branding tab. N change the logo to the clients logo. N nothing happened. It’s still my logo. Am I missing something. I did this before n I swear it worked. Am I missing a setting??

Hi Niki,

Can you please confirm that you have checked the “Overwrite General Settings” option?

Thank you! I had the overide checked but also the disable - and never saw that when I went into the options it shut off the overide. so I turned off the disable and turned the overide and BAM it worked! THank you!


@theonmedia Awesome - I am really glad that you got it working ! Let us know if you need help with anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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