Branding - Plugin looses branding when deactivated

When the plugin is deactivated it returns to “MainWP Child”. It’s a bit like it is disconnected from the Matrix. Is there a way to keep the branding when deactivated? Thanks.

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It is always like than when you disable it but, there is an option to keep the branding as soon as you turn it on. But, maybe it is a good idea to keep the branding as well when the plugin is disable to avoid any confusion with the client… @dennis, possible?

I’d also like that to be the ‘expected behaviour’.

Instead of this:
Keep branding if child site is disconnected

To this:
Keep branding if child site is disconnected or deactivated.

There is the option to control if you want to keep or remove custom branding when the child site is disconnected.

By default, we have this option disabled. In case a child site gets disconnected, when the MainWP Child plugin is hidden and security ID is required, there is the problem to get that ID in order to reconnect the site. The only way to do it is to find it in the DB directly. Since we believe that this could be to much for beginner users, we have this option set to OFF.

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Good day Bogdan.
Thanks for the reply.
Please re-read my question. The issue is when the plugin is DEACTIVATED not disconnected. Please have a look at others comments, this maybe a feature request now.

Hey Charlie, when MainWP Child plugin is deactivated, technically, there is no code that will execute the branding process. Technically, this is not possible. The only way to do this would be to have a custom code snippet in functions.php on child sites to run the branding process when MainWP Child is not active.

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