Bug or Feature? Pro Reports

If you go to pro reports and select the group tab on the right and select a group. Run reports for the group, now switch to sites tab and select a site or two, and run reports, you get the group + the site(s) you selected.

To me it is not normal behavior to work this way. On a tab if something is selected, all the other tabs are unselected.

@healthstatus I do see what is happening & agree that this is a Bug. The correct behavior IMO would be to STAY on the Groups tab if that was the last selection even if the page refreshes. Then if switch back to the Sites tab it should then clear the selection.

In my testing I noticed that if you switch back to the Groups Tab after Previewing, the group is still checked. When selecting the individual sites they get added to the Checked Array & re-saved as explained above.

I also noticed if you then switch from the Group Tab, back to the Sites Tab & then BACK to the Groups Tab - it then is finally unchecked. Annoying but a work around non the less until a patch is released.

I will have the Dev Team look into this and post our findings.

By default, changing the tab in the sites selection box automatically clears selection on other tabs. However, in the described workflow:

Select group(s) > Run report > Select sites

it doesn’t happen because, running report actually saves selection and after the page reloads the tabs are reset to default state and there is no the “click” on other tab that would clear the selection.

The best practice is to do what Keith suggested, after the page reloads, click on the Groups > Sites so the selection is cleared.

@bogdan I personally still feel that the correct behavior should be to stay on the Groups tab if that was the last selection saved even if the page refreshes. You literally have to flip back and forth like 3 times to get it to clear.

I believe hitting the “Deselect Sites” button will also do the same thing? I haven’t tested this yet though.

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I agree, I will go over this with the dev team.

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