Bug with Boilerplate Extension v4.0.2.1

Not sure if others are experiencing this, but the Add Custom Field button in the Boilerplate Extension is producing a console error:

“…/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php [400 bad request]”

Steps to reproduce:

  • go to Boilerplate Extension main screen
  • go to Boilerplate Posts tab
  • select a post (or create new)
  • scroll down to Custom Fields section
  • click the Add Custom Field button
  • custom field is not added, and browser console reports the error above

Boilerplate Extension v4.0.2.1
MainWP Dashboard v4.1.8.1

Hi @rickyT,

Thanks for reporting this issue.
I was able to duplicate it so I will have our dev team fix this asap.

Thanks @bogdan - much appreciated.

Hi @rickyT,

Can you try this version:

Thanks @bogdan … this version fixed the issue.

Thanks for verifying that.
We will include the fix in the next official release so feel free to update the MainWP Dashboard plugin when you see available update.

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