Bug with Excerpt field in Boilerplate Extension v4.0.2.1


When publishing a Boilerplate Post, it seems that the Excerpt field isn’t updating correctly in the Dashboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. edit a Boilerplate Post in the Boilerplate plugin
  2. enter text into the Excerpt field
  3. publish the Post to a child site
  4. Child site is updated
  5. go back and edit the same Boilerplate Post in the Boilerplate plugin
  6. Excerpt field is empty

Hi @rickyT,

Thanks for reporting this.

I was able to duplicate the problem, so I will notify the dev team and have them fix this.

Great - thanks @bogdan

Hi @rickyT,

We just released the MainWP Dashboard 4.1.9 that should solve this problem.

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Thanks - we’ll install the latest version and re-test…

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@bogdan Dashboard 4.1.9 has solved this issue.

However, another minor issue has been introduced. The pagination is hidden on the Boilerplate Posts tab when the number of entries is 50 or more.

Please see screenshot.

Note, this is different to the other pagination issue logged back in May (Bulk Settings Manager - missing pagination)

Hi @rickyT,

thanks for the confirmation and the layout issue.

We will tackle this in the next update.

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