Bulk Post- Preview post button

How do I make the preview button available in the Bulk Post screen? I realize it won’t preview the same for every theme. My client wants to look at the general post formatting prior to bulk posting a story to an entire batch of sites, and then revising all the separate posts if there’s an error.

The preview post button is not available. As you mentioned, it is because the preview depends on the theme. In most cases, the Dashboard theme doesn’t match them on child sites.

The only way to make the Preview button is to use one of the available hooks on the page and code a custom snippet to handle it.

OK, I didn’t realize that, thought it would be a click, since the feature is there, but that is helpful. I’m still learning the environment, but it’s coming together nicely since the refactor, and I appreciate the help as I’m putting the puzzle together.

I get what my dashboard client is saying, about usability with the preview feature. It’s far more useful for them to be able to preview an article prior to publication to a mass of sites, and have to edit all the posts separately. All the sites themes are similar, so it’s more the idea of having a parent they can preview on before bulk posting to the rest. The Wordpress is super light running the dashboard, so I just add the same theme, and trigger the localhost preview, so they see a good approximation prior to hitting post to the bulk sites. Does that sound about right?

The other issue they pointed out is once you post an article to one site, you don’t appear to be able to edit and then just click the site(s) or groups you want to add, as the checkboxes are grayed out. Bug? Any ideas on that?

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